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Ten year old boy explains why wearing masks is wrongly enforced in schools.

Whistleblower, exposing the corruption in the hospitals. Share far and wide ladies and gentlemen.

These protected muppets can bring their children to work, in an aggressive and adult-fueled arena.
But if us mere mortals did the same, we'd have social services on the phone and knocking on our door sighting child abuse.

Good morning good people.
Coming soon, Assured Parenting Course, for parents that want to protect their children from as much harm as they possibly can from the government, media, schools...

Children are being targeted heavily for vaccinations, testing, masks etc. Well not on my fucking watch!

No masks, no social distancing and plenty of hugging for our beloved leaders.

Ten year old boy explains why wearing masks is wrongly enforced in schools.

This ten year old boy showed more gumption than most parents. School is surely a place to fucking learn?

All the children are learning is how to hide. 😤

Stop sending children to school, protect them. This is a parents responsibility.

"Face masks likely to stay in classroom as schools set to defy guidance"

Fear is driving people to do unspeakable things to our loved ones.

Remember I coined this phrase!😜

The latest Cabinet Office data release also revealed that Mr Johnson held a series of meetings with newspapers editor and BBC new chiefs in November and December of 2020.

The PM met with the Daily Mail editor Geordie Grieg, The Sun’s editor Victoria Newton, The Sunday Telegraph editor Alister Heath, the Daily Telegraph’s director of content Chris Evans on 27 November. The BBC’s director of news Fran Unsworth and chief executive Tim Davie also attended the meeting.

Sky News AU just broadcast a fascinating piece on the Viral Origins!

Do you allow the government to tell you when to hug and when not to hug?

Sadiq Khan now gets another three years to completely fuck London, condom free.

When will people learn there's other parties out there?

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