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Find me, c42admin on

I'm in the process of setting up an opensource creative and admin team, if you want to help out a bit and get this place rockin even more, I am open to anybody's ideas and you can privately contact me too if you need to.

Thanks again for being the most awesome community a sysadmin could ask for!

p.s. There are three types of people in this world.
Those who can count and those who cannot.

I'm an idiot, should never have attempted this.

the blitterfolk would rather see me die of starvation than the service going down.

I caught so much shit for not making my payments and the server went down.. and I had to explain how I was on welfare and cannot even afford food

I'm literally sick of providing server ticks for people that are completely ungrateful

the only way that I can provide a service free of selling your data is if someone helps out.

NO.. somebody has to pay. its usually me. I'm getting sick of it.

WHAT? You think this shit grows on trees for mother fucking free?

I only get mad when ya'll get demanding. demand all you want when you pay for it .. BUT NOBODY but ME is paying for it..

a guy can only do so much .. before he get taken advantage of and then realizes what the fuck is the reason. for trying to provide a secure and censorship free platform.. WHY?

especially when no thanks are given,

WHY Do I spend money on this?

If I died and then Blitter went down you would be like what the fuck? and I'd be dead.

Don't worry.. I'm on welfare, and about to lose to lose my apartment and not have anything.. so yeah... I havne';t had a good meal in months.. and I am literally dying in real life.. do you care?

How fast do you want me to upgrade mastodon now?

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Blitter is the Name and no censorship is the game. Thanks to the Mastodon project for allowing this to happen. Blitterfolk System Update! Hey, I am paying more attention to this platform as I work on a couple of other setups with Matrix and some other toys I haven't played with yet. I'll let you know how that goes. Peace, and much love.. remember, don't shit on the floor. ;)