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nobody gives a fuck about my struggle to provide this service.. THANKS assholes

BY THE WAY! I am only doing this because I believe that we need someone that can help create this platform for freedom. If I am wrong.. Kill me.. if you fail in killing me, I will kill you back.

Does anybody want to fuck with me while I'm in the mood ? I have no problem ending your life.. Give me a reason mutherfucker..

I have no problem killing you.

OKay new flight deal popped into my inbox today. It reads...
DOUBLE Your Luggage When You Upgrade to a Socially Distanced Seat!
What the flying FUCK is wrong with our species? Am I living in the upside down, or the underverse.. or fuck off....

I would like to say thank you to the members of our community that have donated and help keep things running.
oh shit... I have sites down.... cleanup in aisle 3 and 4...

What's shakin Blitterfolk and beyonders?!!?

INteresting summer I say.. Prolly the most interesting time to be alive right now.

Hey Blitterfolk! I do apologize for the downtime! We ran out of money and a domain name expired right under our noses, sorry that we failed to catch it in time and there was an interruption in the service. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you!

Yes ya'll! Almost there, just building the special bulletins RTMP stream page for and
Currently Testing over at
Hang on for more updates leading up to friday!

Hear, hear! "WhatsApp is committed to protecting the #privacy of people's personal messages" - I didn't know that...

WhatsApp Sues India Government - Slashdot

WhatsApp has sued the Indian government challenging the second largest internet market's new regulations that could allow authorities to make people's private messages "traceable," and conduct mass surveillance. From a report: The Facebook-owned instant messaging service, which identifies India as i...

Sorry about the downtime Blitterfolk! I had to unhacky tweak this instance before upgrading and then re-twacked after and here we are!!! ENjoy the new version!

Much Love!

in my head I'm sining Dolly Parton's "Jolene" but it's "Vaccine" so

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Hello!!!! On Friday May 28th, I will be having an online EPGN release (and my birthday!) party! I want to try and break the server, so if you want to get on and say hi on the air, I will be leaving the lines open for anyone to join us on the talk app in cloud42! you can get the talk app for your mobile device also! just ask if you don't find it right away
come on out and hang your hat for an hour, details to follow!

Hey Blitterfolk, remember when sending a message the little world icon in the bottom icon row of the message box can set your privacy for the message you're writing. it will only go where you tell it. CHeers! keep Blit!

@blitadmin No worries, appreciate the effort. You've done an awesome job with Blitter. I'm enjoying using it, just hope we can get more people using the platform.

"Face masks likely to stay in classroom as schools set to defy guidance"

Fear is driving people to do unspeakable things to our loved ones.

As I am also learning how this system works... May I ask the users on this Mastodon instance called Blitter to speak up and tell me a few things about how you use this system, and how I could improve on it (this instance), and if I should install and federate Matrix. PLease advise Blitterfolk.

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Blitter is the Name and no censorship is the game. Thanks to the Mastodon project for allowing this to happen. Blitterfolk System Update! Hey, I am paying more attention to this platform as I work on a couple of other setups with Matrix and some other toys I haven't played with yet. I'll let you know how that goes. Peace, and much love.. remember, don't shit on the floor. ;)