I'm an idiot, should never have attempted this.

@blitadmin Fuck me....anyone coming into here will run a mile with all those TOOTS!

Hope you are ok


@SeanMaguire Yeah well, any traffic is good traffic at this rate... But keep it sane and relatively rational everyone, I need a sane community to offset my raging psychotic lunacy!!!!

Thanks for being awesome. I didn't even make it a pre-requisite. It was all you's.

CHeers, and don't forget about beertube.epgn.ch

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Blitter is the Name and no censorship is the game. Thanks to the Mastodon project for allowing this to happen. Blitterfolk System Update! Hey, I am paying more attention to this platform as I work on a couple of other setups with Matrix and some other toys I haven't played with yet. I'll let you know how that goes. Peace, and much love.. remember, don't shit on the floor. ;)