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We arrive to tell ourselves that the fall of reality is rolling in.
Understand the reference and overcome the knowledge become more and begin. The unspoken tones will speak the language of these states that listens through all aspects of society.
But it's just not possible because they can make it worse than ever.
Together the maker will inverse chimes against the timeline balloon,
seeking if there's anybody in that awful Imagery

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If you got the major dance the sticker is downstairs.
All the thorns have pretty bad teeth sticking out that carefully got thrown against hats in the twilight.
The God's of Nature leak on the verge of any time we live in.
Consider android we strive to hunger for the desire underneath the tapestry. Retweet the lies that we tell ourselves to stay in aloft


Blitter is the Name and no censorship is the game. Thanks to the Mastodon project for allowing this to happen. Blitterfolk System Update! Hey, I am paying more attention to this platform as I work on a couple of other setups with Matrix and some other toys I haven't played with yet. I'll let you know how that goes. Peace, and much love.. remember, don't shit on the floor. ;)